Memorable Movie Moments We Cherish

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IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  More to come here..  I have in mind a few classic scenes I’d love to draw, like Zuzu and Jimmy Stewart talking over her ‘Wonderful Life’ petals , another of Natalie Wood in the “I Believe” scene of ‘Miracle,’ possibly one of John Wayne from ‘The Quiet Man…”, in Irish cap…

Ideas for these from Miracle on 34th and The Quiet Man:

  • Hang Miracle at Christmas next to your own family photos of your children with Santa
  • Gift a print to fans of Natalie Wood (Miracle) or John Wayne (Quiet Man)
  • Treat a classic movie fan with a print, or decorate a classic film area in a TV room, man’s study or basement…
  • Gift Quiet Man to anyone who loves all things Irish… including Irish gents sporting caps, thatched cottages… or Happy St. Pat’s to a man of quiet character and strength that you know…

Have a favorite scene or memory in a classic movie?  Maybe like to  have a drawing of one in particular?   Tell me about it…   🙂


“Skater’s Waltz”

(Doris Day and Gordon MacRae in “By the Light of the Silvery Moon”)

11×14 Print $85

 9×12 Print $50

mini print (5×7) – $25



America Flag Pageant

“God shed His Grace on thee”

inspired by one of my favorite scenes in Disney’s “Pollyanna,” at the town 4th of July picnic

Original 11×14

Print 11×14 – $85

Print 9×12 – $50

Mini print (@ 5×7) – $25


Quiet Man

 John Wayne, in ‘The Quiet Man’

“Peace in Innisfree”

pen and ink with graphite pencil

Original $80 – Sold

8×8 print available – $40

[I just loved drawing the old fashioned Irish cap!]

Miracle on 34th Street

Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwenn in ‘Miracle on 34th Street’

pen and ink with graphite pencil

8×8 Original – in a private collection

8×8 print – $40




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