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Simply contact me at my email address:  pam.depoyan@gmailcom



  How do I get started? **

  • Send me an email at, describing your idea, the size of the drawing you are considering, any thoughts you have on it and we can go from there.
  • We’ll discuss some tips to taking and submitting photos of your property for me to work with, payment and time-frame for delivery — as well as creative editing of anything that might detract or add to the composition (i.e. adding foliage and gardens to photos taken of bare trees in winter shots, adding personalized items in the setting, etc.) and any questions you may have.   If photos are sent through regular mail, they will be returned with the final piece.  I look forward to capturing YOUR Classic on paper!

   What do you need from me to begin a drawing?

  • Interested in a home or building portrait?  Ideally, I’d like to have photos showing the front of the home from a few different perspectives – perhaps taken standing off to the right side and the left.  A few closeup shots of windows, doors, shutters, brickwork, lanterns by the door will help me to capture details.   If there is any unusual or intricate architectural detail, please try to get a few closeups of them as well.  I may ask for a few more if possible after seeing what you have in mind.  See Home Portraits Classic in Black and White and Home Portraits With A Touch of Color for examples on camera perspectives and details you may like included in yours…  [Note:  If it is only possible to have one photo of the home – for example, you are working from an old photo – that will be okay.  Contact me and we can discuss.]
  • Baby, child or closeup of a person portrait?   I’ve drawn from photo snaps taken on a cell phone, digital, and old black and whites – so as long as it is clear, I should be able to work with most photos. . I particularly love to capture the beauty and light in the eyes for close up portraits (see Baby Portraits ), so the sharper the photo for those, the better..
  • Drawing from a vintage or older family photo?  Recently, I discovered a 2×2 old photo of my dad and his cousin from the 1940’s standing by their vintage car.  This simple snapshot caught my eye with how it captured a slice of their era, the quaint neighborhood, the great old cars (see From Vintage and Family Photos )  I immediately knew I wanted to blow up the picture and draw it!   A client later sent me a picture of their dad’s dad on his boat (maybe from the 1960’s?)   The figure in that one is even less detailed – in keeping with the photo – but still gives a lovely remembrance. (see Trains Boats Vintage Cars )  Another old photo I came across was of young Natalie Wood with Edmund Gwen/Santa in Miracle on 34th Street.   Enchanted with the tenderness and charm in it, I had to draw it.   🙂 (See Christmas Cards )   Have an old family photo you’d like to see in pen and ink?  Send me a copy and we can start the conversation about a drawing for you. 🙂

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** For now, limited to U.S. and Canadian orders (if it is possible for you to send me the purchase price in American dollars), due to currency differences outside those areas, and shipping costs.