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IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  Quaint, Colonial, Inspiring Messages Carved on Church Doors…   recalling  architectural beauty and significance of churches holding our memories…  

Commission a church drawing of one where you or a loved one were married
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Decorate a traditional home with a drawing of a beautiful colonial church
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“The Scarlet and the White”

pen and ink with colored pencil

“You light up my life in such ornate ways, O Lord…  My God who loves me deeply, intimately, longingly…” ~ Diane Ronzino

This church rests in the coastal village of Vik, Iceland

From a photo I found on my friend Diane’s blog (I drew as a gift to her), where she wrote a truly  inspiring piece about how deeply this image speaks to her heart…  To read her beautiful post, go to

11×14 print available- $85 (ask about smaller sizes too)



Historic Mayflower Church”

pen and ink

12×17 Original $265 – Sold

11×14 Print available – $85 (ask about smaller sizes too)



.”Quaint country church”

(This is of the actual First Congregational Church of Ada, founded in 1870.  The snow scene is how I imagine the wintry landscape looking, once upon a time.  🙂  )

pen and ink, originally drawn for Christmas Card

Original $175 – Sold

11×14 print available – $85

(ask about smaller sizes as well.  Also available with Christmas message – see Christmas Cards.)



Peace Be in the Neighborhood”

pen and ink with colored pencil

Original $95 – Sold

9×12 print available – $50



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