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What if we held close a gentler time…

Sunday in the Park

“Sunday Yachting in the Park,”  available now in People and Landscapes After the English Heart

…so the splendor and grace-giving of those days was never lost?

boys mini yachts

Miniature Yacht Race held once upon a time in 1930’s Central Park, New York

And our children could carry such rich history of dreaming into their futures?

mini yacht

The Lake for Miniature Yachts, by William Merritt Chase, circa 1888

“From the time I first began drawing and painting, its been the grace of days gone by and charming cottages by the sea and pieces that tell stories of those who have gone before us but still inspire us to create in our own lives… that I most want to put to paper,” I mused to the printshop clerk the other day.  Thinking of the immense popularity not so long ago for artists like Joan Walsh Anglund, Marty Bell, Thomas Kincaid…  And how I hope to put that same sort of warmth even into modern subjects I draw as well.   “But sometimes I wonder… are others still as drawn to these scenes today?”

“Mm… a gentler time,” she commented.  “I think so!  Don’t give up…”

I held up this pencil sketch of a young boy with his treasured boat.  I think this scene charms my own heart for a couple of reasons.   First, though it is certainly a stand alone drawing,  I drew it as a sort of companion piece to my This Bouquet’s For You,” below.    A boy’s portrait of the same era, in what I like to think of as that early 1900 English Portrait style I love seeing on the BBC version of Antiques Roadshow...  (they always show them so up close!)

The classic style of portraits (prints of course) I still love to hang in my own home for their warmth and charm…  Maybe they hung in a friend’s home, or my aunt’s house and imparting grace to me so often,  they inspired stories in me that now I hope to inspire in others through my own…


This Summer Yachting in the Park is a piece  I’ve wanted to do for a long time as a sort of homage to William Merritt Chase’s wonderful little painting of the Lake for Miniature Yachts…  How I love the beautiful little scene he captured of the model boating in Central park – and I want my own drawing to speak to people the way this painting does to me.

I found Merritt’s painting printed on a greeting card awhile ago –  it now sits framed atop a small table beside my fireplace, reminding me of England in all the rolling green hills and rounded trees beside the water, and making me wonder if Central Park wasn’t created in the beginning as a hearkening to the countryside beauty across the pond?   

Summer in the Park-Color

I’d love to know —

What story do you read in this scene?  🙂

Do the “gentler times” call to your soul too?

So many kids who used to sail their dreams upon that lake… and though today’s versions are more high tech,, the love of model boats never quite goes out of style, don’t you agree?

For in this scene of long ago, I think it is not so different than the way people still love to gather at our local lake and enjoy a beautiful day of sails on the water!    🙂  Reminds me of one such day a few years back that I wrote about here…  — a day when the the beauty of the sunlight on water, an unexpected accordion player and white sails and people around me transported me to the feel of another time and place… 🙂



 on an 11×14 print of “Summer Yachting in the Park” and “This Bouquet’s for You” as well as these below…


I love how these images have that vintage magazine cover feel, yet a timeless, modern day appeal too.

(Can’t you just see them as fun inspiration in a little girl’s room, over a small table and a vase of flowers to greet your guests, in a corner that needs a ‘bright smile?’)

star blossom

That’s why, whether you choose one or a grouping — I’ve decided to offer a special this month, rather than the usual cost by size and time… just for fun…

 I thought I’d open these three new drawings to you with print(s) to the best bid your own price* offer!

Just email me your “silent bid” for 11×14 print at  Please state whether you are bidding on them individually or as a grouping.

*U.S only, and shipping costs would remain unchanged, of course.

Home Recital-Green

Like a touch of pastel added?

Just ask…

 A Bit of Charm, Grace and Romance Never Out of Style for Your Walls






Feet on sakura petals : Stock Photo

Do you have any vintage family photos that might make special portraits?  I’d love to see them.  If I do a drawing from your photo, I will gift you with a mini-print of that piece.  

I’m especially interested in photos taken of young women or men of the 30’s or 40’s who kept the “home fires burning” (as described in my story above) or children of that era

Email your photos to me at

 Happy Spring!


Rose Cottage

“Rose Cottage Tearooms”  available in People and Landscapes After the English Heart



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