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 Let A Fun and Pretty Seascape on Your Walls Whisk You Away to Memories of Summer Magic…


Battery Lighthouse in California


White House the Beach


Gull Cottage at Beach-Color

Timeless Through the Generations…


Children running in Ocean

I do love color, but — oh, there’s just a wondrous mood I find in the chiaroscuro contrasts that sparkles a lush glow over these three sea-revelers!  Especially when I look at this in the original 12×17 size.   It takes me back to my own childhood, makes me almost feel the foamy water, hear the wave about to crash forward, smell the tang of sea air and hear the screech of seagulls winging! In that time of day when sunlight transforms and paints reflections on the wet sand…


Take Time to Listen to a seashell or two…

Little Boy Listening to Seashell

Little Girl Listening to Sea Shell

Look for hidden treasures in peaceful moments…

Little Girl Looking for Seashells

Remember and cherish the stories of your family and times over the generations…

Two little girls at beach

Oh… I love the timeless, impish joy of these two sisters, don’t you?  Just had to put the original photo of this to pencil and pen – could be any two modern little girls, but for the turn of the century bathing suits!  🙂   Again, I can just feel, hear and taste that sea in this! Wish I knew more of their story…

1900s family at beach

I didn’t notice all the little stories going on in the original photo that inspired this piece until I set pencil to paper…  the mom and the young daughter caught up in the beginning swimmer off to their left, the two little boys zooming in on the kite-flyers off in the distance, the young woman dreaming of a beau returning on the boat…   And just the sense that this family, perhaps just arriving to their beach cottage rental, couldn’t resist a dip into the sea before changing to their beach attire of the era.  The sea beckoning them…home again.

And as I look deeper at this one it even reminds me of stories I’ve heard of my great grandparents taking joy in the sea as they stepped into their new land here in the early 1900’s… The littlest girl, my grandma next to her mom… then her sister and nephews beside them…   

Two little black girls by the beach

Just love the sweet look of these two, hand in hand… Couldn’t really see the actual backdrop in the photo that inspired this, but wanted to include them in my beach theme, so imagined this… 🙂


Do you find a bit of your own stories here in these?  🙂

Inside Beach House-Color 2

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Feet on sakura petals : Stock Photo

Do you have any vintage family photos that might make special portraits?  I’d love to see them.  If I do a drawing from your photo, I will gift you with a mini-print of that piece.  

I’m especially interested in photos taken of young women or men of the 30’s or 40’s who kept the “home fires burning” (as described in my story above) or children of that era

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Rose Cottage

“Rose Cottage Tearooms”  available in People and Landscapes After the English Heart



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