Beautiful Doorways…Charming Gates…

 © Pam Depoyan… See something here you’d enjoy buying as a print? Inspired by these to order a custom Pen and Ink drawing of a beautiful entryway to your home or a place you love? Contact me at



There’s something that always speaks to me in the elegant or charming portico or entryway to a home. In picturesque gateways that invite us in to someone’s story just beyond. Or beckon us to discovering… like the door to The Secret Garden. Artwork for your home that leads you in along stone pathways to your own imaginings of the story beyond the scene, each time you look at it…

• Choose one of these prints to decorate a cozy wall in any room
• Custom order a design of your own entry
– use as a party invitation or housewarming announcement from your photos
Consider an illustration of a unique architectural detail to a spot in your home or garden
Encourage a friend with a gift of a such an illustration – entryways that speak of new doors opening to light and joy, a lovely church door signifying a new marriage or significant celebration, a hidden garden…


“Beacon of Warmth in the Snowy Woods”

A lovely church in Marblehead, Ohio – reminiscent of those found in England

11×14 Print $85

 9×12 Print $50

mini print (5×7) – $25




(Vine Covered Cottage)

Original – 11×14 In Private Collection

Print 11×14 – $85

Print 9×12 – $50

Mini Print – $25


“Festive Portico”

Message: Christmas invites us to Royal housewarming of heart

Strung with candlelight and starlight carols to have and behold

pen and ink, originally a Christmas Card Design

 Original $95 – Sold

9×12 print available, with or without words, $50


Pam Drawing07262015

“English Door,”  in three seasons…

…black and white pen and ink or with colored pencil

11×14 Christmas Originals $175 each – Sold

11×14 prints available – $85 each (ask about smaller sizes)



“Cottage Gate at Martha’s Vineyard…”


black and white pen and ink

or with added colored pencil

Original $175 – Sold

11×14 print available – $85  each (ask about smaller sizes)



Peace Be in the Neighborhood”

pen and ink with colored pencil

Original $95 – Sold

9×12 print available – $50



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