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fron·tis·piece home portrait designs ©

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an illustration that faces or immediately precedes the title page of a book.  In architecture, a small ornamental pediment, as on top of a door or window, decoratively framing the main or front of a building. 


Home. It’s where your story begins.  And, to me,  artwork is like the tone-setting eloquence of a charming “first page” illustration in a book you want guests to pick up and read of you…

Above your mantle… In your foyer…Warming your study…

Custom Pen and Ink illustrations say… classic.

To view my portfolio pieces, simply go to the “Categories” list – just over there on the right.  🙂  Then, click on the type of Pen and Ink portrait images you’d like to see.


Welcome to my Pen and Ink Portrait Gallery!

If this site were a brick and mortar shop, I imagine it as a warmly inviting tearoom.  Maybe you’d be drawn in by the light in the window.  Or by a Pen and Ink home illustration hung above the mantlepiece, something detailed and reminiscent of English manors … a bit of traditional to mix in with your modern.   Everything fresh and new, but speaking to antique treasures too. The scent of tea brewing greeting you as you step in to browse…

Tucked in amongst books on a polished British sideboard, you’d find illustrations of little pieces that could tell the story of your home and loved ones.  A black-and-white, Alice in Wonderland-type drawing that reminds you of your Grandmother’s teacup over here.  Over there… an etched portrait of a front door and porch surrounded in garden flowers, echoing back to your own portico or one you’ve always loved.

You’d think of your favorite family photographs and envision how they could look in Pen and Ink  illustrations custom drawn for your own Downton Abbey manor or bungalow cottage

And that’s what this “Gallery” is all about.  Turning images of the beloved places and people and times of your life into custom Pen and Ink illustration, ranging from 9×12 to 16×20 in size.   It could be a portrait of your home or of one you’ve cherished through the years that may not even still be there, except in your heart and photographs.   But it could also be so many accent pieces and family portraits that open up the “story pages” of your home… or make a perfect gift for someone else’s...

  What stories does the book of YOUR home and family tell?   🙂 These are the ones I’d love to capture in Pen and Ink for you

I work from your photographs, so the possibilities for these are endless. 

Here are just a few:

  • An illustration of the charming heirloom desk that sits in your child’s bedroom
  • An etching from favorite old family photos … the photo of your daughter with her horse, your dad holding his firstborn, your cherished boat, the family trip you took via train… (see Trains Boats Vintage Cars and From Vintage and Family Photos)
  • A drawing of some memento from a favorite aunt, grandmother, etc.
  • A baby portrait of a child in your life  (see Baby Portraits and All Things Childhood )
  • A sketch of the hutch or writing secretary in your living room corner
  • A portrait of your childhood home or school, or a fondly remembered room – such as your Grandmother’s kitchen
  • A drawing of a church that holds family memories  (see Churches and  Christmas Cards)
  • An up close study of a beautiful detail such as a decorative window, a church or home garden,  a lovely fireplace mantel with wing chair next to it, a treasured antique table with a large bouquet of flowers… (See Portrait Rooms Inside the Home )


   LOOKING FOR A UNIQUE MOTHER’S/FATHER’S DAY, GRADUATION,  BIRTHDAY, WEDDING OR ANNIVERSARY GIFT?   Consider a Pen & Ink drawing of a beloved home, school, golf/country club,  or church.  Or… maybe even a fun, vintage or historical landmark – like an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor, a charming gazebo, Disneyland, a memorable vacation spot.  See Quaint Shops and other ArchitectureChurches and Lighthouses and Other Landmarks We Love for inspiration.

  ARE YOU A REALTOR?  PERHAPS AN INTERIOR DESIGNER?              Pen & Ink home portraits and room depictions make excellent closing gifts!  See Home Portraits Classic in Black and White and Home Portraits With A Touch of Color for samples.

  EVER HAD IDEAS FOR A UNIQUE PARTY INVITATION OR NEW HOUSE/BIRTH/ANNIVERSARY ANNOUNCEMENT CARD, DESIGNED BY HAND?  When the new owner of a home saw the house portrait I’d done for the seller, he imagined sending out an original moved into our new home announcement that would double as his Christmas card.  A white Christmas snow-covered version of his new home, with splashes of red in bows and wreaths across the windows.   (Like to see this example?  You can view that house image, minus the buyer’s original personalized message, here:  Winter Landscape Scenes )                


Picture it in Pen and Ink! ©

HOME PORTRAITS…A FAVORITE PHOTO TRANSFORMED…A CHERISHED TOWN LANDMARK — The story moments of your life in completely hand-drawn illustration.   Nothing here is computer generated or enhanced.


All Pen and Ink artwork and writing on this Blog is copyright-protected as my sole property, Picture it In Pen and Ink!  © 2016 – 2018 by Pam Depoyan, except where otherwise noted.

If you are interested in commissioning an original design, or purchasing prints of any of the pieces shown here, please go to my contact page below the blog header for information.  Email: pam.depoyan@gmail.com.

 I look forward to talking with you about illustrations for the story moments of your life!



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2 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you, Wendy! It means a lot to know you enjoy what I have here! I am not sure if this will really send out notifications like a regular blog, since I won’t really be adding new posts but more of updates to the existing ones. But when I do update, I will be able to let you know since you signed up. Thanks for following here!

      I just went over to your blog and read a bit. Your story is so similar to that of my close friends who lost husband and dad much too soon last year as well. (He was like a brother to me, too.) I pray the Lord’s comfort surrounds you in each day, lessening the pain moment by moment. You have a beautiful way with words and I know you will minister to many who are reading your blog.

      Last year a woman contacted me to draw a house portrait for a widow who had recently lost her husband – her church group wanted to do something special for her. I think the drawing might uplift you too… If you go to my categories and click on Home Portraits With A Touch of Color, it’s the house with the red shutters and the couple standing beside it. The group picked a beautiful verse to add to the drawing… As I was putting this site together, I came across the words she sent me about the widow’s response, and it touched me anew reading how much this simple drawing touched her. I thank God that we can use our gifts to bring His healing in ways we don’t even know.


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