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Looking for a particular type of drawing?   From cottages to child portraits to landscapes…Simply choose and click on a portrait ‘gallery’ link to view my artwork – listed by subject – in “Categories,” just over there to the right! 

NOTE:  Everything here is under my copyright and may NOT be reproduced in any way without permission.


A French or English Country Portrait Always Lights A Room With Grace and Love…


1890's Woman in White - darker

“A Portrait of Gemma,”  available in my  French Country  gallery, right

star blossom


Browse my gallery links by category subjects over to the right for perfect gifts and ideas…    

My heart is to  make you feel just as smitten with the thought of bringing such as treasure home to you and yours!  

Or… Have an idea for a custom original drawing to tell part of your own story?  I’d love to talk more…

Just email me at


Timeless Through the Generations…



Happy  Summer! 



*U.S. only for now – but if you are outside, and interested, let’s talk possibilities…

Feet on sakura petals : Stock Photo

Do you have any vintage family photos that might make special portraits?  I’d love to see them.  If I do a drawing from your photo, I will gift you with a mini-print of that piece.  

I’m especially interested in photos taken of young women or men of the 30’s or 40’s who kept the “home fires burning” (as described in my story above) or children of that era

Email your photos to me at




I wonder if you might do me a favor? 🙂 Please talk about this site with anyone you know who might be looking for a Pen and Ink artist to custom create a portrait of a cherished part of their lives. *

I look forward to hearing what you think as you take a gallery link tour throughout! And remember to stop in often, as I’ll be adding new ‘pieces’ as I create them — as well as changing up the message in this “little communiqué spot” from time to time, to ask your thoughts and to keep you in the loop of any special offers, updates or seasonal greetings.   🙂


How do I start a gallery tour?

pointer bestSimply choose and click on a portrait ‘gallery’ link in “Categories,” just over there to the right!  🙂

*  U.S. purchases only, for now [However, if you are outside the country, and are interested, let’s talk – in some cases I may have a way to work something out with mail arrangements etc. ] 🙂



guestbookSo happy to see you here at Picture it in Pen and Ink!  Won’t you sign my “guestbook” by leaving a comment in this little meeting spot?   🙂


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380 thoughts on “In a Little Communiqué Spot

  1. Pam, I think old world charm never really goes out of fashion, and many (including me) love the thought of slower paced, gentler days. I see a young boy in your image above who is proud to be sailing his yacht solo on the boating lake for the very first time. Maybe he’s turning back to his proud father, who has been happily watching from the sidelines, eager to share some refreshment with him now. Your vintage sketches are delightful! It’s been a blessing to stop by your site from the #glimpsesofhisbeauty link up. Keep up the good work… 🙂


    1. Thank you, Joy. Your words encourage me… I’ve been feeling a bit like my tastes are “out of step” though I do think these days of old are timeless, too – love your storyline about the boy in the center of this one! 🙂 He does look like he’s excited to tell someone something as he approaches… I appreciate your sharing your thoughts on it here! Stop in again…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. These are lovely! I would take you up on it, but I’m a bit of an illustrator myself 🙂 Visiting from Coffee for your Heart linkup.


      1. It’s been a while, since I’ve had my own kids I haven’t done much… but I did a pic of a baby in a man’s hand that placed first in a state competition, and an Eskimo boy with his husky is one of my favorites…other than that, mostly either horses or fanciful…


  3. What a unique talent you have for drawing children! Love the little one walking. I was a child of the 30s so I’ll see if I have a photo you could use.


    1. I just added that one here today 🙂 I love it too… so sweet. It makes me see the children I’ve known as they take their first steps… Will be adding more as I do them this month, so do come back. Thanks, Faye! I’d love to see any photos you have! 🙂


  4. pam – you are so gifted not just in writing but in your drawing as well. I love all the pieces you shared on this post, but I was drawn to the little boy in the Irish hat and his cheeks! Oh and then the older sibling kissing the baby…. Thanks for linking up with #TuneInThursday last week. Hope to see you tomorrow too.


    1. I am amazed myself by how God is bringing out my art these days… never used to draw this depth before and I enjoy seeing them come to life too. 🙂 The two you mentioned are two of my favorites too! I’m adding a new one here right now (baby and pup in a tub) that I wasn’t sure was going to come out (the photo I used as a model was not the best quality so hard to see details) but it reminds me of those old Good Housekeeping cover artists I love… Thanks, Debbie!


  5. You’re so right. There is something so precious about hearing your children practice piano. Or other instruments. Our son plays guitar and sax, and I miss hearing his music fill the house. Beautiful art!


  6. The words are as lyrical as music and the drawing is inviting. While I find the painting and photo beautiful, no memories of little children playing the piano are stirred. I played accordion for awhile and then plunked out a few notes on the piano from an elective class I took in college. But playing the piano was comforting on days when my spirits needed lifting. Visiting from Faith and Friends.


  7. Pam,
    My hubby is an artist so I just love seeing other people’s creative bent. Your art is wonderful. Blessings on all your endeavors. I am stopping by via the #InspireMeMonday linkup from last week…it’s a long story 🙂 Have a great weekend!
    ~Sherry Stahl


    1. Oh thank you for your lovely words, Sarah. I love that – full of light and character… 🙂 It’s what I hope they bring to all who see them. A luminous quality that I find in the white of the sea and clouds when done in just the gray tones… and the joy of the sea! His Glory…


  8. What beautiful artwork! They reminded me of my own children at the beach many years ago. You’ve caught the joy of children in these paintings. What a talented artist you are! Your words are beautiful too. Your art fills my eyes–which is the greatest compliment I can give. Your words are so joyous and full of picturings. Thank you. Have a lovely weekend. Somehow I think you might be a kindred spirit. 😀


    1. Thank you so much, Beth! You don’t know how you’ve encouraged me with your beautiful reflections… especially that it fills your eyes, joyous, and reminds you of your children and your own “stories”. I think you may be a kindred spirit too! I don’t write as much here as I do at my apples of gold blog (, so I’m glad the words touched your heart too… Have a beautiful Sunday!


  9. All so lovely and thought-provoking. I’m torn between Central Park, Church in the Pines and Miracle on 34th Street (one of my favorite movies!). Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm — hope to see you there at tomorrow’s party as well:) xo Kathleen |Our Hopeful Home


    1. Thanks, Kathleen… I love all of those images too. The minute I saw snapshots, I knew I wanted to create them as drawings. I’ve never been to Central Park in person, but love those lights over the bridge! Miracle has been one of my favorites since childhood and a few years ago it was a lot of fun to see it on the big screen here in town (TCM had a one day offering of it at a local theater). When I wanted to draw a warm picture of Santa, this is the movie that came to mind for all it’s tenderness!


    1. Glad you enjoyed these, Connie! It was fun to create that drawing – the basic little girl was from a photo, but I added in the rest of it, thinking of my grandma’s old fridge, the way we used to string up our Christmas cards, the charm of those old sugar canisters etc… His blessings to you too! And if you should like a print of that drawing, just email me at 🙂


    1. Thank you, Lisa. I do love the past eras and the drawings that people like Norman Rockwell and Good Housekeeping artists did back then and I think that comes across in my work too 🙂 Of course, I draw many from vintage photos I find, so that would explain it, but I think even the modern day ones take on that feel…


  10. I think these are lovely. I’m just trying to figure out how to draw my kids as glorified stick figures. I’ve been enjoying watercolor painting for the last year and a half, but people are still far from me. 🙂 Glad you shared these at Thursday Favorite Things! I found you over there.



    1. So glad you enjoyed these Babychaser! I’ve been watching and enjoying a watercolorist on PBS lately – a man from Ireland. Never really learned how to work with water colors, probably because I always want fine control of what I work on… but I love it. Bet you’ve been creating many pretty pieces yourself! Thanks for letting me know you were here and enjoyed this!

      Liked by 1 person

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