Home Portraits: With A Touch of Color

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IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  I’ll tell you a secret:  Though I’m smitten with the frontispiece quality of classic black and white — sometimes as I study a house photo to draw, I can’t resist a pop of color.  The creamy pale yellow of a bungalow.   The sky blue of the shutters.   If not on the original, I may add it to a print… just to see. 

Other times, you, the client request that color touch.  I love to hear the role that color plays in your story behind the illustration, and to incorporate that  into the drawing for you.  The red door and shutters on the new widow’s home of so many family memories…  Or the red and white stripes of ‘Dad’s’ flag…  


  • Gift a print of one of these charmers to someone who loves renovating old homes (whether on hands or virtually via HGTV! 🙂 )
  • Decorate an office, home library wall or bookshelf with prints
  • Use prints of the blue shutter storybook drawing or the blue door and awning children’s shop (shown below) to decorate a child’s room
  • Commission your own home portrait with a pop of color!


1926 Craftsman Cottage Bungalow in Menlo Park, California

Original 11×14 – In Private Collection

11×14 print – $85

9×12 print – $50



Colonial Red Door Cottage

Original 9×12 – In Private Collection

9×12 print available – $50

*also available in solid black and white


.A 1906 Bungalow in Portland, Oregon



Love this type of storybook cottage charmer!  (This one’s in my own ‘back yard’)



.sweet cottage with modern touch



.Up close colonial with yellow door


1930’s bungalow




An 1800’s home in Michigan when the spring Magnolia are in bloom.  :).  I did the original in black and white, (Compare with the original without color here:  Home Portraits: Classic In Black and White) but just thought I’d see what it looked like to add a bit of soft green or lavender pastel to a print…  A whole other mood… (Note: in person, the background is not so dark.  Scanning them here for you to see sometimes darkens the look here…)



And since I’m going to away to prepare a place for you, I’ll come back again,and welcome you into My Presence so that you may be where I am        . ~ John



Something about this one reminds me of a blustery day with Mary Poppins… it is really of a local a children’s clothing shop 


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