Elegant Sterling Silver Tea Pieces (and more) in Portrait

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English Leaf Design Cup

IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  Decorative  graphite pencil and pen portraits of  Victorian, French and Modern Sterling Silver – everything from tea service pieces to candlesticks to clocks…  Perfect to give as heirloom gifts of remembrance for birthdays, baby’s baptism/birth, anniversaries and more.


From simple lines to cottage chic…

Discovering the artistry behind silver elegance — its not just for Downtown Abbey anymore!

draw silver antique perfume bottle beautiful

Are there pieces of artwork that you feel bring a shine of God’s Grace to your home?

On that Day, all the horses’ harness bells will be inscribed “Holy to God.” The cooking pots in the Temple of God will be as sacred as chalices and plates on the altar. In fact, all the pots and pans in all the kitchens of Jerusalem and Judah will be holy to God-of-the-Angel-Armies.

Zechariah 14:20, The Message


If you are like me, I bet an occasional pretty or graceful silver piece has caught your eye here and there – maybe in a movie scene, a store display, or a found item on Antiques Roadshow.  But if you’ve ever priced them… well, extravagance is often an understatement.

Oh, I’ve never really craved much silver at all.  Too much in one room can be overwhelming. Yet… there is a sweetness, a lovely touch of tradition and heirloom about these in small groupings or individually — and as I began to put them into portrait here, I discovered such wonder and artistry I really never noticed in such objects before.

Incredible really – in the simplest of everyday implements like spoons — how so many unknown and unsung silversmiths have crafted swirl and light and charm into creating something memorable and lovely to have and hold.  Never just utilitarian…but works of real art.

And have inspired many a fun afternoon tea shared with loved ones!  🙂

I wonder as you look at my portraits below if you will see what seemed to come to life on paper before me…

  • The way the chamber candlestick holder has the look of silver lace swirl
  • How the dainty feet and flouncy style of the elegant tea server has the floaty look of a ballerina en pointe or a lady dressed in all her finery…
  • The way the silver bon bon spoons look like bells about to ring
  • How the creamer gleams it’s bit of English countryside
  • The way the carriage clock seems to have four silver bells carved into it’s pillars

and more… 

And how the exquisite detail in these reminds me of God giving His people such minute, intricate details as to how He wanted things crafted with beauty and inventiveness… How He gifts us in creating, to reflect His beauty… like sunlight diamonds twinkling on water…

This is what these portraits speak to me… and I hope to you, as you scroll below…   🙂



Each of these images I’ve drawn is about 7×9, centered simply on 11×14 white drawing paper — I can just see them framed simply with the look of a modern graphic.  Perhaps hanging over a dining room buffet table or on a kitchen wall – singly or in a small grouping — adding just a touch of heirloom yet modern sparkle too.  A few others spread around the home from bedrooms to baby’s rooms to little nooks and crannies.

draw royal alberty cup and saucer with silver grape pattern

Silver – in itself, artwork meant to decorate your home that imparts grace…

with no need to polish!  🙂


That’s why I wanted to offer these to you at a variance from the usual 11×14 pricing…

And if you’d like a special “engraving” of a particular piece of silver here, to gift someone, continue reading when you finish scrolling through these designs below…

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And I’d love to hear in comments how you may find light and  grace reflected in these images…  🙂


Special Price for Each of These Portraits in Silver

Each is printed on 11×14 paper  – $55 per portrait *

*However…   🙂  order more than one and pay only $45 for each additional piece!

You may also order as a Mini print (@ 5×7) – $25 each


 English candlestick holder

“Light of My Life”

English Leaf Design Cup

“Sipping Autumn”

 a spot of tea… or, perhaps… French chocolat  🙂


English Ballerina Teapot

“Elegant ‘Ballet dancer’ Tea Server”


English Silver Spoons -1

“Silver Spoons I”

Specialty Spoons For Bonbons


English Mug with Country Scene

“A Bit of English Countryside with Your Cream?”


English Tea Caddy

“British Silver Tea Caddy”


English Clock

“Silver Bells Carriage Clock”

English Baby Cup

“Silver for Baby”



English Silver Pitcher without words-sig

You’re the Cream in my Coffee (or Tea!)”


English Silver Spoons-2

“Silver Spoons II”

Specialty Serving Spoon Pieces


English Teapot with Sweet Peas

“British Tea, Silvered with Sweet Peas”



And… since these represent sterling silver…


Here are a few ideas on how I might personalize a particular piece for  you, in the same way you have a silversmith engrave your personal message…  🙂

English Leaf design Cup-Sample Engraving


In some cases, the design will allow for “engraving” right on the piece, as in this sample – initials or a name could be in the oval section above the leaf on the cup — and/or in the addition of a little “charm” (such as the leaf charm dangling from the handle below…) where I could pen a brief message…


  • Request custom “engraving” of names and dates – for example, a baby’s baptism name and date added to a silver baby cup drawing
  • Add a brief personal happy birthday, happy anniversary tag note to any of these
  • “Engrave” initials or maybe a name and bible scripture reference on a piece
  • Request a custom portrait of your own silver piece, or perhaps a silver trophy to be specially engraved for a champion in your life…


HereEnglish Candlestick holder-sample engraving is another example of how you might add a message to a piece like this one — with an added dangle charm to write a brief note of congrats, happy 25th anniversary, etc!





See something you’d like to order? *

Contact me at pam.depoyan@gmail.com 

*U.S. only (though if you are from outside the U.S. and interested, please contact me and we will talk about possibilities.)