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Customer Cheers:


  • I received the [lighthouse] picture today! It is so lovely! I am going to Michael’s, tomorrow, to get a frame. I can’t wait to hang it in my front hall!  Really a STRIKING picture. It will be something that people will see, and admire, when they visit my home. It will enable me to share about my memories of visits to Portland. Thanks, again, so much! You are a gifted artist! Love, and God bless- With many thanks ~ Eileen L.


  • Your drawing came today. I’ll treasure it always! Thanks so much!! ~ Debbie W.


  • Wow!!!!!!!  Gorgeous…..love it!   What a lovely wonderful gift you have and what a lovely gift you have created.  I am so happy to be able to gift this incredible portrait of our new home to the previous owner, as she moves on to the next chapter in her life.  I know that when she looks at it, she will be flooded with lovely memories.
    I can’t wait to give it to her.   All thanks to you and your incredible eye and talent! Thanks so so much!  And I will be in touch again soon… ~ Susan S.


  • It is beautiful!!!  You are so talented!!    I can’t wait for them to see it!  Amazing!  The shading/shadowing was exceptional!  I hope to find the frame by this weekend and I can’t wait for them to see your drawing.  ~ Diane A.
  • My dad absolutely loved the gift!  He was excited that we reached out to you [again] to complete the gift, as he loved the house you drew for him. He was touched by his parents boat… He is excited to hang it up and wants to hang it next to the picture of his parents house.  I was able to get a nice mat made for the photos and then put them in a big frame together.  It looked great!!
    Thank you so much again for all your help. We love your work and enjoy working with you.  Hope to send more projects your way in the future!    ~ Corey M.
  • My husband was very impressed [with grandkids’ baby portraits]! Especially with all the detail in Jackson’s shirt.  Go figure!  I can’t take my eyes off their faces and he’s looking at the shirt!  I can’t tell you in words how much I love them!!!  Thank you Thank you Thank you.  ~ Colleen C.
  •  Christmas morning we anxiously waited until Dad got to that present and he loved it!!  He was very happy to have this piece of work he can cherish to remember his childhood.  I know we didn’t give you much time to work with but I am so glad we were able to make this possible.  It was one of the most exciting gifts to give Christmas morning and everyone thought it was amazing.  Your willingness to make this possible is greatly appreciated.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and hopefully we can bring more work to you in the future! ~ Corey M.
  •  Our group presented your drawing to ME this past Friday night… She was very moved by the picture and it was a very holy moment together… Here are some of her words from the thank you card she gave me:
    “…Never in all my years have I been so moved by a gift received. It was deeply meaningful to me and ministered to me at a deep level. Thanks for your…understanding love in initiating this God-inspired gift! I will cherish it forever. I’ve found a good place to hang it where I’ll see it all the time and think of Mike, God’s promise, and my wonderful friends!”    Well done, Pam! Never doubt that God is using you and your art to glorify Him. I am so glad I found you!  ~ Ruth H.
  • Pam – it’s just GORGEOUS!  Everyone loves it, and I know K. will too – thank you for such a wonderful and memorable gift!  (Those note cards are beautiful too, how fun!)  ~  Jennifer M.
  • S U P E R  job, Pam !  Ahhhh… Now I can’t wait to give them!  ~ Randy P.
  • Hi Pam!
    My husband and I have enjoyed the Book cafe for years as our “date” place. We enjoyed seeing your work there this spring. I’ve been thinking of the drawing you had of the fireplace. It would make a special gift for my husband!  ~ Jesslyn D.
  •  Pam, everyone loved the drawing.  I got it framed and gave it to Katherine and Paul today.  They were “oohing and ahhing” about it…so thrilled.  I took a picture of them in front of the picture when we got home… Thank you again for everything.  I will certainly hang on to your information…I have a feeling that more projects are coming!!!    ~  Ann D. 
  • “I LOVE it [the home portrait] Pam!   It will be such a great keepsake to have!  Thank you for all the detail and hard work you have put into it!”    ~ Sue K.
  • You did such a good job. …I just opened the drawing, it’s beautiful!   Thank you!  I cannot wait to give this gift to my clients.  ~ Jessica F.
  • [My kids] absolutely loved their gifts and everyone was so impressed with your work!!  Thanks again!! ~ Diane A.
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful pen and ink drawing!  I love your artwork and can’t wait to display it in our nursery!  It’s so special, too, with the personal touches you “hid” in it.   🙂  Can’t wait to see you again after the baby’s born!    ~ Anne Marie and baby
  • Your artwork (birthday) card is a keeper!  Thank you! ~ David D.
  • Well, it is here– I LOVE IT!!!  You have given me and Matt something very special–we will hold this drawing in our hearts, and we now have a wonderful visual reminder of Zuehl Haus–the little haus where so much LIVING has passed through the doors…   I can SEE the family who once owned this place sitting on their porch… looking down from their Heavenly Porch now and saying “These two were very GOOD Stewards—Very GOOD!”  God has taken your hand and filled it with an amazing GIFT!!!!  I do not have enough words to thank you Pam — truly from my heart it’s just so special. Your talent  truly is  giving us a special  38th Wedding Anniversary!  Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! I will be a “Repeat Customer!”  ~  Martha H.
  • The picture of our home is a treasure!  Your artistic ability is amazing, but I especially like the extra touches that make our home’s picture so unique.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We cannot wait to see the pictures of our children’s homes… and cannot wait to see their reactions to our gifts to them!   ~   Carol W.

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And some lovely words from fellow bloggers:

  • What beautiful artwork! They reminded me of my own children at the beach many years ago. You’ve caught the joy of children in these ( Beach Themes ) paintings. What a talented artist you are! Your words are beautiful too. Your art fills my eyes–which is the greatest compliment I can give. Your words are so joyous and full of picturings.  ~ Beth



  • I pray that the beauty of your drawings will really bring joy to those who give these gifts. I will tell your readers that above my computer hangs an artist’s rendering of our old house. It was razed after we sold it, and a friend said, “Why don’t you get an artist’s painting of it?” She showed me one she had, and I can’t tell you how happy I am I did this. Painting or pen-and-ink…it matters not. Just have something that is a memento and which will, upon one glance, flood your mind with memories about the place you once called home! How glad I am that I followed her advice, and I hope your readers will consider using your artistic talents in this way.
    ~ Lynn M.

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