Quaint Shops, Sidewalk Cafes and Other Business Architecture

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IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  Quaint bookshops and cafes inside and out.  Old-fashioned ice cream parlors.  Children’s Clothing shops housed in storybook homes.  Just a sample of what you’ll find here…  with more to come!

  • Cozy up a homeschooling room, living room,  or your own cafe nook with these prints
  • Gift to a friend who enjoys quaint charm
  • Order in note card size to use as invites for coffee and tea or ice cream dates with a friend
  • Commission a drawing of a fun or quaint charmer you have special memories of in your area!  Or maybe someplace you’ve visited on holiday, or an old time diner, retro fire station where you know someone who works there, some business place with architecture that has meaning for you …

“Silver Bells Ring in Stockbridge Village, Mass.”

(Hometown of Norman Rockwell)

11×14 Print $85

 9×12 Print $50

mini print (5×7) – $25



“1970’s Shops in a Midwest Town”

Original 9×12 – in a private collection

9×12 print – $45


  Georgie’s Cottage Shoppe,  In Primrose Time

Original 11×14 –  $175

11×14 Print – $85

9×12 Print – $50

miniature print – $25


 Christmas at Georgie’s

11×14 Original -$175

11×14 print – $85

9×12 print – $50

miniature print – $25

Yellow Victorian Shop

Yellow Victorian Shoppes at the Village Corner

Original 14×17 –  $280

12×17 Print – $135

11×14 Print – $85

9×12 Print – $50


Cozy corner inside a local bookshop



summer cafe outside same bookshop



an old-fashioned ice cream parlor



A children’s clothing store



A home over an antique shop


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