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holly and berries

Why choose ART for Christmas-Gifting?


Church in the Pines

It’s personal.  Thoughtful.

It’s a treasure that says, “You are loved and specially thought of,” every time they look at it.

It will become a piece of your story…entwined with theirs…for as long as life.


This season…

put Heirloom on your Christmas list and



Children around Holly Basket

Basketful of Merry For You”

black and white holly

Is there someone on your list who could use a              smile-evoke-r like this one to brighten their season on in to the new year?    (Contact me at

What this often wild toad’s ride of a world needs now is… WONDER  —  the kind of wonder often waiting (and waiting) for us in everyday, simple moments, but  rarely missed reveling in when we were children.

For Christmas reminds us… we’ve been created for AWE.

Who can resist the joyful awe in the candle-lit smiles of these apple-cheeked brothers and sister here in this piece (above), drawn from a real-life vintage snap!  No chore for these, gathering in their wondrous bundle of holly, all the more fun in such oversized basket! 

Merry wonder sparkles in their eyes,  in the bit of mischievous glee I think I spy passing between the littlest on the right and the end boy on the left (love that small guy’s grin!) – bridges across the decades to today… and lights their spirit of Christmas joy in me every time I see this image.   You too?  🙂


Little Girl Christmas Baking

“Mama’s Little Christmas Baker”

Who of us (or the children of our hearts) doesn’t have fond memories of finding wonder in the kitchen with Mom or GrandMom – especially at Holiday Time?  The miracle of putting in a pinch of this and a dash of that and coming out with an extravaganza of mouthwatering cookies of all shapes and sizes – the fun of joining in with “being one of the grownups” baking and putting together surprise bundles to giveaway…

Might this sweet portrait, hearkening back to those fun Good Housekeeping covers of the 30’s but every bit as much today

  • Enliven your Christmasey kitchen with a touch of vintage on modern? 
  • Or add a little winter time cheer to Grandma’ own?
  • Maybe sparkle on the wall of a promising little baker you know and love?

(Something about this little face reminds me of photos of myself at this age, as well as of a special young 4-yr old gal I am thinking of today!  🙂   And I love the 40’s style fridge so reminiscent of my own Grandma’s… the crisp white and cherry red that make me think snow and peppermint... )


“Stars in My Crown”


“On the Way to ‘Playing St. Nick’”

black and white holly

Christmas reminds us… We need to rekindle the kind of WONDER that charms and warms the heart and spirit…and turns our eyes to the miraculous just beyond our windows…


Girl with Bookby Window-Darker

“Caroler at the Window”

Have you ever noticed the warmth of decor in movie scenes set in English homes, both modern and quaint?  Maybe its the artist in me, but I’m always looking at the walls behind the actors, admiring the many pen and ink and pencil etchings inevitably there, the sweet-faced portraits of children of old, the inviting landscapes.  This portrait, to me, is quintessentially one of those — to bring a touch of that British accent charm to our homes…

As well as…A portrait that reminds us to quiet our hearts, turn off distractions, savor a good book…notice beauty…AND… listen for WONDER and Songs all around us…  A practice we all need to re-ignite in our lives — not just at Christmas — but each day!

This one also reminds me of one of my favorite of Christmas gifts —

ever a fresh new book!

  • Maybe a treasure for the book-lover in your family?  🙂

black and white holly




Christmas reminds us… as these portraits do… to be aware, lean into the majesty of One who walks with us, in everyday landscapes…

Church in the Snowy Woods

 “Beacon of Warmth in the Snowy Woods”

…Where in the space between work and to do lists and  commercial overload, He invites us to walk in that quiet, whispery, hush of soft fallen snow (if only in imagination transported by images like this one), to find yourself coming suddenly upon a welcoming door – waiting like an unexpected gift, a secret garden gate,  just for you.


Central Park Winter Lighter-with Words

“Central Park, By Wintry Light”

…Or sweeps you to places perhaps you have “visited” only by movie screen, entrances with light glow reflecting on snow-laced branches and flowing beneath charming stone bridges…  sparkles memories of similar places where you’ve walked beneath twinkling lights, reveled in a world bathed in candlelight…


New England Snow Village

“Snow Light over the Village”

…Stirs your spirit to that kind of pink glow that comes in of a morning dawn over a New England scene – when snow has tiptoed in overnight, like a ballerina with a magic wand…and clothed the world in a frock of white and rose gossamer…


Snow!…for Christmas Morn!”

…Lead us to breathe in the gifts He’s put before us in the here and now…

“Christmas at the Church in the Pines”

…And scent our life in evergreen…

black and white holly




Christmas reminds us… He has written the  wonder of expectant faith and believing upon our hearts, even from our youngest moments…

“Expecting Wonder”


“Shall we take just one peek?”


Miracle on 34th Street

“I Believe”

black and white holly




Christmas reminds us… the gift of carols  and praise mists our eyes with the wonder of His Presence, lifts our eyes to What Child Is This…

“Join We Now in Adoration”


“Carols in the Falling Snow”


black and white holly


Christmas reminds us…Imagination and dreams planted within our soul are to be shared…spilling out WONDER on our world…blessed to be a blessing…


“”Fit for an Angel”

…You can feel the wonder even in the anticipation of the big moment – chosen for Christmas angel!  The sun coming warmly through the chapel windows and spotlighting this child’s excitement, highlighting each face, setting the little white tree aglow, alighting on her gown…  


“Christmas Roses”

Dreams He’s placed within us bring a rich fragrance all their own!


“Sugar Plum Wonderland”

They make your spirit dance, making sugar plum fairies on delectable bakery window cakes come alive!  


“Figure-Skating Double”


“Snow on Snow”


See more Christmas portraits and pricing details here: Christmas Wonder 

black and white holly


Any of these portraits “speaking” to your Christmas List? Or inspiring you with an idea for a custom-designed gift?

 My heart is to  make you feel just as smitten with the idea of bringing such as treasure home to you and yours!  

(Just email me at to talk about your gift ideas!)

And  I invite you to my other galleries here where you just  might find that perfect gift…like some of these that have been newly added this year:

Baby Portraits

Beach Themes

Elegant Sterling Silver Tea Pieces (and More) in Portrait

Lighthouses and Other Landmarks We Love


Timeless Through the Generations…


And don’t forget…

  • if you have questions regarding purchase and sizes of any of these prints…
  • have an idea of a custom drawing of your own beachy cottage…
  • or simply want to get a conversation started on your own ideas for a piece…

Simply email me at !


Happy Thanksgiving… and Merry Christmas! 



*U.S. only for now – but if you are outside, and interested, let’s talk possibilities…

Feet on sakura petals : Stock Photo

Do you have any vintage family photos that might make special portraits?  I’d love to see them.  If I do a drawing from your photo, I will gift you with a mini-print of that piece.  

I’m especially interested in photos taken of young women or men of the 30’s or 40’s who kept the “home fires burning” (as described in my story above) or children of that era

Email your photos to me at


“Christmas at Georgie’s”  available in Heritage Home Portraits…An Ode to Currier & Ives



I wonder if you might do me a favor? 🙂 Please talk about this site with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media and refer them here…along with anyone you know who might be looking for a Pen and Ink artist to custom create a portrait of a cherished part of their lives. *

I look forward to hearing what you think as you take a gallery link tour throughout! And remember to stop in often, as I’ll be adding new ‘pieces’ as I create them — as well as changing up the message in this “little communiqué spot” from time to time, to ask your thoughts and to keep you in the loop of any special offers, updates or seasonal greetings.   🙂


How do I start a gallery tour?

pointer bestSimply choose and click on a portrait ‘gallery’ link in “Categories,” just over there to the right!  🙂

*  U.S. purchases only, for now [However, if you are outside the country, and are interested, let’s talk – in some cases I may have a way to work something out with mail arrangements etc. ] 🙂



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376 thoughts on “In a Little Communiqué Spot

  1. Pam, It is quite apparent that not only did God gift you with the ability to recreate what your mind’s eye has seen, but with that gift, as with all gifts, a true love of art.

    My good friend was here one evening when I was picking out artwork for my office. Interestingly, I was drawn to vintage photos of children. I ended up getting the famous photo, (the artists name escapes me) of the little girl praying over her breakfast in bed while a dog and a cat look on. I asked my friend if it would be okay to have a different type of picture for the head of the bed. Her response was similar to yours in that, we choose art that speaks to us, that causes our hearts to zing! I ended up choosing a picture of an oak. Everytime I look at this picture I am just filled with such peace and a sense of feeling like I am there in that beautiful setting.

    Thanks for sharing your gift with all of us!


    1. Thanks, Karen. I’m not always as able to render just from my mind’s eye, but having these vintage photos really helps me to capture them. 🙂 Both of these children and their pups are from actual old photos! 🙂 My thought here is that maybe they would speak into the heart of someone whose friendship makes our hearts zing, or a kindred spirit who “gets” the “song” we sing like no other… But yes, artwork that speaks to us individually makes our hearts zing too!

      I think I know the picture of the little girl – a Victorian picture in soft muted greens? I don’t know the artist though. So many different types of drawings and paintings can fill us with that peace, so true! I love landscapes too… so I can imagine that oak tree! And it would remind me of the verse of being planted and flourishing like the tree too! Thank you for sharing! (I just added in another piece to this post…above…)


  2. Love this! My father is an artist and I spent many childhood years selling paintings with him in Greenwich Village NY and appreciating art! I love this blog about not missing the gifts that call us..especially art..and love your art and what you are doing here! Will surely share!


    1. That must have been so fun, to accompany your artist dad like that! What type of work did he do – realism or abstract? Oil? I’m so glad you enjoy this blog and the post I wrote about the piece that “called to me.” I haven’t drawn so much as I have these last couple of years and the next piece to draw is now something I’m always thinking of… 🙂

      I set this blog up mainly to reach people who may be interested in these pieces, of course, so I truly appreciate your sharing this site too. Thank you so much! Come again as I’m always adding more…


  3. I love this, “art is a gift that speaks story to our souls”… I had a conversation with my students today about using our gifts to God’s glory. But I absolutely LOVE your heart, Pam. I am always just blessed by you every single time I visit you. Thanks for spreading His sweet spirit as you go.


  4. I Love Pen and Ink, I Love your work. my daughter did a Pen and Ink of her Dad from an old photo of him at two sitting in a wheelbarrow in his back yard for Father’s Day He still loves wheelbarrows.


    1. There is something so classic about it, isn’t there? 🙂 I’ve also been experimenting with mixing it with graphite pencil, which I did in this one too. Your daughter’s drawing sounds lovely… a wonderful gift for her dad! I’d love to see it. Thanks, Christina!!


  5. My husband surprised me a number of years ago on our anniversary with a painting of our home in the fall (my favorite season) by a local artist we both loved. I was thrilled beyond belief and will love it always. I’m sure the recipient of this drawing will as well! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}


  6. I just thought of a few photos that might be what you want. My grandparents at a restaurant during the war (with him in his navy uniform). And there is one of the family at the docks seeing him off to war (not to many smiles in the photo as I recall). If I find them I will send them off to you because I love your work!

    Thanks for sharing on #FridayFrivolity.


  7. Pam, you and I love Valentine’s cards. These are sooo beautiful, and your portraiture keeps getting better and better. I just posted to FB, and I wish I’d know sooner!!!


  8. Pam – WOW! You are so very gifted! I love vintage images and photo’s as well. You do such a great job of capturing the emotion in the drawing as well. Its as if the view can feel and experience the image they are looking at as if they were there. Thank you so much for sharing your talent here on your blog and with the world. I always enjoy coming to visit at your place. 🙂 neighbors today at #LMM


  9. I LOVE the picture of the boy and his dog. You captured the look of daydreaming beautifully!

    I also LOVE vintage pictures!! I just find them so comforting. My mom has many old vintage postcards; none from Valentines Day that I can remember, but St. Patrick’s Day and Easter.

    As a child, I LOVED to daydream. It was my favorite past time. I would swing back and forth on my swing and just daydream.

    As an adult, I do that now on my back deck looking out to the fields. But I confess, with the age of smartphones, I am not as good about just stopping in silence and letting my mind daydream. Thank you for the wake up call! 🙂


    1. I am thinking this is about my favorite drawing I’ve done recently too. 🙂 Do you recognize the child? I didn’t really want it to look like a celebrity picture, but more of a sweet-faced boy and dog. If you saw the dog that was in the photo (I completely changed it to a sweeter dog) you’d know right away, but I’m really hoping people don’t recognize it so much as just enjoy the face as I do. So glad you do too! I was always always a reader, so I think I did a lot of my daydreaming through books whenever I wasn’t swamped with homework as a child. So true… we don’t just know how to breathe these days it seems… I thought our lives were busy when I was growing up but it is only now in comparison that I see how much more time we had for peaceful activity back then… I love that you daydream looking out to the fields! I do that looking out on my neighborhood too (and the gazebo that is in the center lawn area across the way…) I am thinking of writing more on this subject on my writing blog too… thanks for sharing, Karen! I’m so glad you like this drawing as much as I do – and vintage! 🙂


  10. What a lovely story and beautiful drawing! My husband and I vacationed in the Carmel area a number of years ago and we loved it there. Maybe we’ll get back some day……thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen |Our Hopeful Home


  11. Such beautiful drawings! My 6-year old son loves to draw in his Bible before bedtime. It is so encouraging to see Christian artists like yourself using your incredible talents for God’s glory! 🙂


  12. What lovely artwork! I also do a lot of pen and ink. But mostly of my beautiful models. I am so blessed that they love to do the photoshoots too. In the meantime–your work is inspiring! Thank you!


    1. Thank you, Beth! I just popped over to look at your work – it’s so lovely too! 🙂 I love your themes… I like incorporating a lot of graphite pencil with the pen and ink lately because it enables me to do a lot of softer looks… Blessings to you in your artwork!


  13. Pam – your line about how you capture images of times gone by – that is so true – You are so gifted and I love your art – it is so beautiful and you do indeed capture the beauty of the time. I am so glad you found your want to linkup at #TuneInThursday today! I am so blessed to have you linking up your posts as part of the community.


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