Trains, Boats, Vintage Cars

© Pam Depoyan… See something here you’d enjoy buying as a print? Inspired to order a custom Pen and Ink drawing specific to memories of fun transportation in your life? Contact me at



IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  More to Come…Illustration prints of the transportation we love…past and present.   I want to add some drawings of vintage cars, bicycles, trucks etc. here too.

Ideas for the train and boats here now:

  • Gift to Dad or someone who loves trains
  • Decorate a child’s room or den
  • Order miniature prints to frame and tuck into a bookshelf
  • Gift to someone who loves all things railroad or nautical
  • Commission a drawing of a transportation that holds special memories for you


“I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

9×12 Print $50

mini print (5×7) – $25


A Canadian Tour Train

Original – sold

9×12 print available – $50


“Meditation on Misty Morning”

9×12 Print – $50

Mini Print – $25


Corey's Other Boat

Original – sold

9×12 print available – $50

.Corey's Dad on a Boat


Original – sold

9×12 print available – $50


Dad and his Cousin

From a family photo, “Cousins home for Christmas,  circa 1945”

pen and ink with graphite pencil

Original $95 – Sold

9×12 print available – $50



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8 thoughts on “Trains, Boats, Vintage Cars

  1. You create the most beautiful drawings. The train is amazing in its detail’ It looks like it’s going too drive off my computer screen into my lap. And the one oft your cousins is also one that is so special. at the docked boat is wonderful,too. You are amazing. genie


    1. Thank you, Genie. I’m so glad to know these come across so well onscreen…. That one with the car is actually of my dad and his cousin… 🙂 Was fun to draw from a tiny old photo. I drew the boats for a client who wanted to surprise her dad from his old photo. 🙂 If you ever have something in mind you’d like as a drawing, I’d love to talk more… Thanks for your lovely words here!


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