Pretty Little Birds

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IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  More to come here… Wish I could display these  for you here in their original 9×12 size…  🙂 to really show the loveliness of these little ‘birds of a feather…’

The first entries here, English Robin on a snowy branch, Yellow Warbler and Mountain Bluebird have inspired me to several more ideas to try and capture sweet little birds here for you in Pen and Ink, with splashes of color.

Ideas for these endearing songbirds:

  •  Gift to a fellow bird-lover
  • Start a collection of these seasonal songsters to decorate a cozy corner
  •  Treat someone who needs a bright spot in their day
  • Order note cards from these
  • Commission a drawing of your favorite bird!



“Lady Cardinal”

Original 9×12 – In private collection

Print 9×12 – $50

Mini print (5×7) – $25

Male and Female sing back and forth to communicate with each other, and sometimes even sing duets!

branches amd bird

Mountain Bluebird, ‘dreaming’ in white Dogwood 

Original 9×12 – In private collection

Print 9×12 – $50

Mini print (5×7) – $25

.Relatively solitary, but mates for life…often seen in pairs or in small family

This cerulean sparkle vocalizes soft and long, even in flight!

(Love how this one looks like it’s posing, “hands” behind back…   🙂  )


Yellow Bird jpeg

The Yellow Warbler,aka, “A feathered bit of sunshine” 

Original 9×12 – In private collection

Print 9×12 – $50

Mini print (5×7) – $25

The bright, sweet song serenades streamside willows

with it’s musical, “sweet, sweet, sweet!”


English Robin Full Color

.The English Robin…

Original 9×12 – In private collection

Print 9×12 – $50

Mini print (5×7) – $25

One of the only birds heard singing in the English Garden on Christmas Day


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8 thoughts on “Pretty Little Birds

  1. I just love birds! I have since I was a little girl when I would wake up at 5:30 a.m. and just watch them from my parents picture window.

    These drawings capture the peace those precious creatures bring me.

    Thanks for sharing!




    1. O, I love that image of you as a little girl, running to your parents’ window to watch the birds! I’m so glad these reflect that peace to you… that’s what I’ve been thinking of them too. Hope to add the bluebird I just drew soon! It seems to have a glow with the pastel blues I used… 🙂 Thank you for your words here, Karen!


    1. Parrots out your window? Wow. 🙂 Thanks, Janis! I’m having fun ‘painting’ these little birds – not really pen and ink except for touches, and not what the majority of this portfolio is about. But fun! Just did a blue one I can’t wait to print so I can scan it here… Thanks for letting me know you were here! Blessings to you too…


    1. I’m blessed to see Cardinals around my home a lot… I especially see them this time of year, so gorgeous against the snow. Last week there were several sitting in a tree outside my window – like a gift of bright joy I couldn’t miss with their vibrant color standing out against bare branches. I’ve never seen a mountain bluebird except in photo – they are breathtaking, aren’t they? I’m so glad you enjoyed these, Mother Hen! Thanks for letting me know you were here! 🙂 And thanks for “liking” this ‘gallery’ post!

      Liked by 1 person

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