Home Portraits: Classic In Black and White

© Pam Depoyan… See something here you’d enjoy buying as a print? Inspired to order a custom Pen and Ink drawing specific to your life? Contact me at pam.depoyan@gmail.com


IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  print mages of lovely or quaint homes in the tradition of those that have long added charm to our decor…whether  of our own or  another that conveys light, warmth, a Norman Rockwell, Currier & Ives or Thomas Kincaid feel…

Decorate a living room or  office with a print reminiscent of historic homes
Commission a portrait of your home past or present, or of a summer cottage
Gift a friend with a portrait of their home

Bonnell House

My title:  “Ode to Currier & Ives, American Colonial Summer.”

Christmas Candale House

My title for the version of this house without the Christmas greeting:

  “Ode to Currier & Ives, American Victorian Winter.”

The Womens Club With Words

Historic 1800’s Italianate Villa


Tiny cape charmer


Virginia Home




The Colonial and The Potting Shed



My title:  “Ode to Currier & Ives, American Spring.”

This client asked me to incorporate her son’s love of lacrosse (See the lacrosse stick against the garage) and daughter’s soccer ball (up front)… preserving the stories of their family lives in this home as they prepared to move across country…  🙂  An endearing Norman Rockwell feel to this neighborhood….


English manor, American style



Charming Tudor in Autumn (See with a bit of color in Christmas version of same home,  Winter Landscape Scenes )



Zuehl Haus, Texas





Lakeside Cottage






My title: Cottage on the Green


pointer best

For more house portraits, check out:


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6 thoughts on “Home Portraits: Classic In Black and White

    1. It IS so classic, isn’t it Lux? I’ve always been attracted to those black and white drawings in classic books (a lot of children’s literature too) – and drawing these homes from photos to make them look like such book illustrations… 🙂 All actual homes from people who have asked me to draw their portraits… 🙂 Thank you for stopping in here and letting me know you were here! 🙂 So glad you enjoy them too!


  1. Pam, God has blessed you with an extraordinary gift!! I LOVED looking at these sketches of people’s homes! What a great idea and the perfect housewarming gift for someone moving into their first home. I just love it


    1. Thanks, Karen! It constantly amazes me to see what happens on the paper when I draw. I didn’t do much for so many years of being busy at work etc, and now it really seems like God is enhancing my ability somehow. I find it comes easiest when I have a photo or some picture to go by (rather than trying to create totally by imagination)… It’s been a gift to be able to create some of these for so many occasions — I think especially of one I did for a woman’s church group who wanted to give it to a newly widowed member as a remembrance of her time in her family home with her husband etc. I love when it has some special meaning – like another one when the woman told me she had been searching everywhere for someone to draw her beloved home before they had to move states away. All those stories of our hearts and lives, that’s what I love to illustrate. So glad these bless you today! 🙂 I’ll probably link up a few more of these “galleries’ but hope you enjoy browsing here at your leisure! If you or someone you know are ever looking for something along these lines, just let me know…


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