The Luck of the Irish

Irish shamrock for St Patricks Day

© Pam Depoyan… See a print here perfect for a nook in your home? Inspired to order a custom Pen and Ink drawing specific to your love of all things Irish?  🙂  Contact me at

IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  Portraits and Scenes of the Emerald Isle and its people.  More to come here…

  • Ask about note card versions for sending St. Patrick’s Day Wishes
  • Use to decorate in a child’s room
  • Frame in an oval and place in a cozy nook
  • Custom order an Irish-themed portrait or landscape


“Someone to Share Secrets With”

Original 11×14

Print available 11×14, $85

9×12 $50

5×7 miniature – $25


Hansel Cottage in Carmel without words

“Hansel Cottage – First in My Storybook Cottage Series”

Built by Hugh Comstock in 1920’s, this home is part of the Fairy Tale Cottages in Carmel- by-the-Sea, California

Original 11×14

Print available 11×14, $85

9×12 $50

5×7 miniature – $25

Irish Shepherd

“…In Green Pastures…”

9×12 print $50

5×7 miniature – $25


Molly-St. Patricks

 “Molly Cooks Up Green Marshmallows for Fam”

Original 11×14

Print available 11×14, $85

9×12 $50

5×7 miniature – $25

[See the completely black and white version of this in  All Things Childhood ]

Little Boy with Shamrock-cropped

“Little bit o’ shamrock”

original $80- In a private collection.

  8×8 image print available – $40. 

Ask about  card size , with (or without) the words on front, “Dearer than Leprechaun gold…That’s you!”


“O, those smilin’ Irish eyes!” 

Original $80

8×8 print available – $40.   Ask about card size as well.

[Just couldn’t resist sketching this face…in her wearin’ o’ the green!]


Quiet Man

.“Peace at Innisfree” – from the quintessential film celebrating Ireland

For Dad and all those John Wayne or Emerald Isle fans!

Original $80 – In a private collection

8×8 print available – $40


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8 thoughts on “The Luck of the Irish

    1. I just taped it and started watching it this week! I”d seen bits and pieces of it before but don’t know if I ever saw it all the way thru. Fun to see the scene that the still photo I used to draw this came from. (In the movie though, you see these darling cottage diamond-paned windows beind him that didn’t show in the photo I used… would have liked to incorporate one of those!) I wanted to draw a man wearing one of those darling caps and I’m so glad you recognize his likeness 🙂 Thanks, Laura!


  1. Those children drawings are amazing! I love John Wayne! I have a drawing of my son his preschool teacher drew of him. She used a picture of him in a cowboy hat I had sitting on my desk. It is one of my favorite gifts he has given me over the years. You have such a God given talent, Pam. Thanks for sharing with Thankful Thursdays..


    1. I’m so glad you like these, Lori! I wish my dad could have seen this drawing of Wayne… he loved him too! It was fun to draw mostly because I really wanted to draw one of those caps on an Irish looking man. 🙂 The drawing of your son sounds like a treasure! There’s something about those hats that just adds a lot of character to these, I think…and I can imagine how darling the cowboy hat. 🙂 Thank you, Lori!


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