Before they were famous – in portrait as children

© Pam Depoyan… See something here you’d enjoy buying as a print? Inspired to order a custom Pen and Ink drawing specific to your child’s life? Contact me at


IN THE GALLERY ROOM:  portraits of the well known…when they were children

Have you ever found yourself thinking of a well known person or celebrity  and wondered what they were like as children?  Before they became known, maybe even changed, by the world?

Might you spot the same smile, the look in their eyes, the fun mannerism of today in that little one of long ago?

I think of the times at work when we were asked to bring in baby or childhood pictures to put up on a fun “guess who” board…  and how it always made me feel like I was getting a glimpse into a part their story I’d never know otherwise…

Can you recognize or guess who these people are?

From a photo taken in 1955

14×17 Original – $280

13×17 print – $140

11×14 print – $85



“One Special Night Out”



(Drawn from this vintage 30’s photo)

    Original $175 – Sold

                 11×14 print available – $85

9×12 print – $50

                                              mini print (5×7 – $25




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